Peter Richards

Peter Richards is a co-founder of XT4, having spent over 30 years in the advertising industry, working in television and radio, providing expertise in strategic planning that identifies the most cost-effective routes to successful marketing of your business.

George Whiting
Creative Director

With valuable millennial expertise, George Whiting provides XT4 in all things social media and interactive. Trained in creative design and production, George has provided our clients with exciting branding executions (consumer and corporate) and specialises in creating sharp animated video promotional material. An Adobe Creative Suite guru.

Alan Hall
Media Consultant

Alan Hall has extensive experience of media planning and client engagement. Alan has delivered media campaigns across TV, Radio and Press, with more recent activity in online and direct response advertising.

Henry Whiting

Henry Whiting consults as a copywriter in providing written word for corporate presentations, technical product descriptions and social media posts. Henry has a passion for sport and writes occasional articles on football, American football and Basketball.

Russell Whiting

Russell Whiting is a co-founder of XT4, has been in the advertising, marketing and technology sector for 25+ years, achieving accolades for design services by embracing the best available technologies to enhance a creative campaign.

Paul Richards
Analytics & Planning

Paul Richards, an expert in analysing and planning a media strategy followed by data-mining statistics on campaigns and creating comprehensive reporting. Paul has the ability to quickly spot any opportunities or requirement within his analytics to add true value to the clients marketing.

Kev Watts
Production Director

Kev Watts, the maddest video production person you will ever meet, has 20+ years experience in creating award winning film. Kev is passionate about extreme sports and has produced some of the most creative documentaries around the world for major TV and corporate clients.

Julie Whiting

Julie Whiting brings expertise in recruitment and management of contracting staff. Having worked within large corporates and smaller independent businesses, Julie is qualified in all aspects of Human Resources.

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