[ founding_partner ]

Peter is a co-founder of XT4, having spent over 30 years in the advertising industry, with experience across all Media, providing expertise in strategic planning that identifies the most cost-effective routes to successful marketing for your business.

Peter has a rounded view of marketing having had experience initially as a Media Owner at ITV in the 80's and 90's moving to the Agency side in the 90's and working on the Client side for 365 Corporation in the noughties marketing and implementing the early eCommerce solutions. Winning Media Client contracts including ITV ,C5 and Bauer for 365. It was at 365 that Peter and Russ first met, teaming up to implement the first major multi-million pound cross platform eCommerce solution with ITV in 2003 around Formula1 and the Rugby World cup. 

Media Strategy and eCommerce solutions best practice is now what XT4 deliver for all its Clients.

[ founding_partner ]

Russell, a founding partner of XT4, started his career as a creative director working with blue–chip clients including BMW, Astra Zeneca,  Microsoft and Pfizer.  Russell progressed to become one of the pioneers of the digital age, introducing web technologies to companies such as MK Electric and Lucent in the early 90’s, conceiving the first online shops using credit/debit card payments along with web publishing systems that are now common place in our digital world.


Moving into the telephony sector at 365 plc. Russell led an innovation team that created the voice recognition software systems that are today part of everyday life and which were subsequently bought by O2, Virgin, Renault–Nissan and HM Government; to name but a few.


Russell’s creative talents combined with his second-to-none knowledge of the digital and telephony sectors and his easy-going nature mean that XT4 can manage and motivate  people from multiple disciplines from within  the technical and creative industries to provide synergistic solutions that will enhance your business.

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[ creative_strategist ]

With valuable millennial expertise, George provides XT4 in all things eCommerce, social media and interactive. Trained in creative design and production, George has provided our clients with technical and media integrations, he also specialises in creating sharp animated video promotional material. An Adobe Creative Suite guru.

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[ analytics/_planning }

Paul is an expert in analysing and planning a media strategy that can be followed by data-mining statistics on campaigns, enabling comprehensive and relevant reporting. Paul has the ability to quickly spot any opportunities or requirement within his analytics that adds true value to the clients marketing.

[ founding_partner ]

Julie brings expertise in recruitment and the management of contracting staff. Having worked within large corporates and smaller independent businesses, Julie is qualified in all aspects of human resources.

[ media_production ]

Kev,  has 20+ years experience in creating award winning film. A creative and imaginative maverick, Kev is passionate about extreme sports and has produced some of the most exciting and original documentaries around the world for major TV and corporate clients.

[ content_producer ]

Henry is a truly creative content producer, providing written word and images, technical product descriptions and social media posts. Henry has a passion for sport and writes many articles about football, American football and basketball.

[ media_consultation ]

Alan has extensive experience of media planning and client engagement. He has delivered media campaigns across TV, Radio and Press, with more extensive expertise in online and direct response advertising.

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[ creative_production ]

Freya brings IP video production into the XT4 mix, with an expanded knowledge of the Adobe technologies that push the limits of software that delivers some extra special creativity.

[ finance ]

Malcolm and his team have many years' experience in the management of eCommerce related finance and ensures that all clients and suppliers are kept happy.

[ web_development ]

Our web development is headed up by Jude, who works closely with selective technology suppliers and the production team. Jude has extensive experience in eCommerce services utilising Shopify, Shopify Plus and Magento2 alongside developments in php and traditional html.

[ coding_specialist ]

Sam is a technology evangelist. Having been at the forefront of some of the most exciting technology developments of our time across the internet, telecoms, mobile and beyond. The only person we know who had satellite TV in his SUV...in the mid-90's!

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[ contracts_manager ]

Kev has a background in television and online working with some of the largest UK broadcasters. A specialist knowledge in regulation and compliance, Kev provides in-house contract management between XT4, clients and eCommerce partners.

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[ project_manager ]

Dan delivers many years' experience in production management. Having worked within the advertising business throughout the technology explosion, Dan's 'traditional' approach to quality standards is also applied to our stringent UI testing.