XT4 have a wealth of experience in the deployment strategic and technology driven successes.

Our team have been working in the digital industry since 1992, being pioneers of the technology that today reaches every corner of the world.

First time movers in the use of web publishing, e-Commerce, IPTV and interactive voice reponse with speech recognition, our team have the track record to identify the next BIG THING

XT4 clients have hired us to support their business progression into the ever-growing digital world. Our key strengths are in recognising opportunities to deploy technologies that best support media owners.

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Not only is it important to track how successful your current sales activity is but also how your competition are performing in the same or in different sectors if you are to stay ahead in the strategy game.

Knowing what data to analyse and how is an art form that XT4 have many years 'experience in.


We have learned where best to identify the key areas that can really make a difference to a campaign. From scrutinising the information gathered, XT4 provides reporting, often in near real-time.

Our SEO toolset monitors the progress of your social media and web based marketing in comparison to your competition, whilst the XT4 online response systems provide a unique collection of data that truly allows you to accurately monitor your marketing expenditure.


Knowledge of your customers is king in the world of marketing, but knowledge of your competitions' position is priceless.

XT4 create the full fledged plan with plans for scale and actual numbers to support your e-commerce journey with us.


As Shopify experts, we can build your dream e-commerce website whether it's a stand alone shop or a full fledged marketplace, with our expert advice along with your personal direction, achieving the perfect e-commerce website.

We provide support on design, collection and product building, alongside integration with menus and sub-menus.

Curation of your brand in sync with the style and type of products on your e-commerce site is key. We can provide support with imagery and graphics to tie the products into the website.

Content is key. We have specialist content creators for social media and blogs within the e-commerce site, which will increate initial launch footfall and online presence.


XT4 has extensive experience in managing e-commerce platforms. 

From warehouse stock management across multiple marketplaces, to platform and targeted medias, we have the solutions to manage a successful e-commerce website.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO needs to incorporate social , online, PR, video search, image search, local search product search and reputation management, across various devices. Our sophisticated tools enable us to navigate and compete in this area.


Our specialist analytic tools are key to managing the next strategy going forward to increase sales, footfall and engagement across all platforms


Digital Direct Response

Integrated direct response solutions providing optimised results across consumer touch points. Media planning and buying, telemarketing, fulfilment and data management.


Planning buying and content spot creation for direct response and brand campaigns on a national regional and importantly, now available on an affordable LOCAL level.


TV is now an option for the business or entrepreneur with modest marketing budgets . Targeted local campaigns to raise awareness or generate a response at low level entry point including creative and spot creation is now possible. This is a massive exciting development for the TV industry and for smaller business or start ups.



Experts in the traditional radio marketplace as well as the digital radio. Again the explosion of digital and local radio stations makes it a good option for Local and regional business as well as the larger national clients.



With an evolving marketplace we collaborate across all publishing disciplines to ensure investment within publishing platforms benefits overall pricing and is relevant to client's needs.


Out Of Home Advertsing

We understand the expanding landscape and significant growth of place based media. 


For both direct response and brand building we provide sophisticated and effective media planning and buying across digital channels including display, video, mobile, and social, maximising the return on communication investment and delivering actionable insights.