With our data driven strategies and insights we build effective campaigns and programmes that drive business. Better media strategies , creative development and execution are all built off of better data analytics.

Delivering the right message at the right time in the right place requires research and the relevant insight, across various devices and Mediums. The ability to understand the interaction between media, develop attribution models and take an holistic approach to marketing will drive success.


It is important to track how successful your marketing activity is, but also how your competition are performing in the same or in different sectors to stay ahead of the strategy game.

Knowing what data to analysis and how, is an art form that XT4 have many years experience in. We have learnt where best to identify the key points that can really make a difference to a campaign. From scrutinising the information gathered, XT4 provide reporting, often in near real-time, that will provide you as a business owner a ‘dashboard’ of KPI’s, with alerts via the portal, SMS or by telephony, to multiple stake holders, to ensure those key points are identified.

Our SEO toolset monitors the progress of your social media and web based marketing, comparing against your competition, while the XT4 telephony and SMS response systems provide a unique collection of data that truly allows you to accurately monitor your marketing expenditure.

Knowledge of your customers is King in the world of marketing, but knowledge of your competitions position is even more valuable.



Planning buying and content spot creation for Direct Response and Brand campaigns on a National Regional and importantly now available on an affordable LOCAL level. TV is now an option for the Business / Entrepreneur with modest marketing budgets . Targeted Local campaigns to raise awareness or generate a response at low level entry point including creative and spot creation is now possible. This is a massive exciting development for the TV industry and the smaller business or start up/entrepreneur.



Expert in traditional Radio marketplace as well as the Digital Radio. Again the explosion of Digital and local radio stations makes radio a good option for Local and regional business as well as the larger national Clients.



With an evolving marketplace we collaborate across all publishing disciplines to ensure investment within publishing platforms benefits overall pricing and is relevant to Client needs.


Out Of Home Advertsing

We understand the expanding landscape and significant growth of place based media. 


For both direct response and brand building we provide sophisticated and effective media planning and buying across digital channels including display ,video, mobile, and social, maximising the return on communication investment and delivering actionable insights.


XT4 work with agencies and independent creative and content producers, having a good understanding of the creative processes is a key factor for our business.


Our team have extensive experience in the creative and production side of media and are available to advise and support agencies.


XT4 are here to support you and having a creative understanding within a media planning agency has proven valuable to our clients.


Digital Direct Response

Integrated direct response solutions providing optimising results across consumer touch points. Media planning and buying, telemarketing, fulfilment and data management.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO needs to incorporate Social , Online, PR, Video Search, image search, local search product search and reputation management, across various devices. Our sophisticated tools enable us to navigate and compete in this area.

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